One of my favorite hobbies is green gardening.  In New Mexico, it is very important to conserve water.  There are many drought-tolerant plants that grow in the high desert.  Xero scaping is very popular and involves choosing plants that can tolerate the cold in the winter, rocky soil that has to be naturally enriched, and recycled gray water.

We start working on our garden each year in May around Mother’s Day by adding organic corn meal and molasses to the soil. The freeze date is May 15.   After that, we are ready to plant.  We have a gray water system and so we reuse our water. This means when you take a shower it goes into our garden!  Many of the perennials will come back and only have to be cut back once a year.  Russian Sage, Yarrow, Jupiter Beard, and Yellow Broom Stick are a few of my favorite perennials.  We also love color, and cosmos and petunias provide the Easter egg effect.